Package net.sourceforge.foobase

Interface Summary
IsFoobaseMouseListener Interface for foobase specific mouse event listeners.
IsFoobaseMouseSource Interface for classes that generate FoobaseMouseEvent objects.
IsGameDatabase Interface for databases of chess Games.
IsGameID Interface for unique game identifications.
IsMoveGenerator Interface for move generators.

Class Summary
Board Implements a chessboard setup.
CBFAnnotation Encapsulates all more related annotations for an old-style chessbase game.
CBFDatabase Implementation of old-style chessbase database.
CBFGameID Implements a game-ID for old-style chessbase databases.
CBFMoveGenerator Move generator for old-style chessbase databases.
CBFUtil Class containing a number of usefull methods for old-style chessbase databases.
DisplayBoard Graphical display of a chess position.
FoobaseEvent Base class for Foobase specific events.
FoobaseMouseAdapter Prototypical implementation of an IsFoobaseEventListener.
FoobaseMouseEvent Foobase specific mouse events.
Game Implements one game of chess.
Log Helper class to log messages in a separate (scrollable) list.
Move Implements one single move.
Util Collection of general utility methods.